Good afternoon traders,

A while back, we introduced you to one of our new traders, Gregory
Clay. Since then, he’s been burning up the options market – in a very safe
way, I might add – and I wanted to report on his returns since 4/17.
They’re quite remarkable for the level of risk he’s taking. Here is an
update in Gregory’s Weekly Income Credit Spreads newsletter.
To try Gregory’s service going forward, here’s a link and a code to use to
get your first 4 weeks at $1.
On to Gregory’s performance update:

Market Summary

All the trades published thus far in Weekly Income Credit Spreads
have been profitable. Subscribers who executed the opening trades
got 100% of their profit objective by letting the positions expire worthless
(retaining the entire premium received). Displayed below are the details for
each trade. The Opening Trade date is when the ‘Trade Alert’ was published for
the trade, the option contracts expired worthless on the date for the Closing
Trade. The gain for each spread is shown along with a Summary Total
(year-to-date accumulated result of all the trades).
The trades do not include commissions
and fees. Also, results will vary based on the number of contracts traded, and
at what price the orders are filled.


Our July 6th Weekly Update mentioned “…overbought condition needs to be resolved, but
stocks continue to churn higher. Though the chart has been showing candlestick
bearish reversal signs, this may be a case of regardless of what the chart says;
ultimately you can’t fight the Fed. Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen said she is not
concerned about asset bubbles. Investors interpreted this to mean the Fed will
continue to provide liquidity if it believes that is what is necessary to
stimulate the economy…”

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Gregory Clay

Options Strategist

Again, this is pretty remarkable performance in just 2 months to have 8
positions return over $20,800!
And better yet, you can follow along for the next 4 weeks for only $1 by
clicking the links below and using the discount code WIC1:
Gregory’s service also includes his Weekly Setup
every weekend where he sets up the week ahead and gives you an idea what he’s
looking for and what will happen with your trades. Unlike other services,
Gregory lets you know what to expect before the trade; sends you an alert
getting you into the trade, and sends you an alert on how to handle getting out
of the trade!
And he’s batting a perfect 8 for 8…
You won’t want to miss his next trade.
Carl Adams, Publisher
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