A subscription to the McMillan Portfolio gets you access to one of the top Stock Market Chat Rooms available today.

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Try our stock market trading chat room free today!  No subscription necessary.  Here’s how to join us.

We utilize PalTalk, so you can see Mark’s trading screen and hear him as he walks you through what the market is doing and what he’s looking for to take a position.

Chat with other traders, discuss your own set ups, join our small community of traders dedicated towards one thing – making money in the stock market.

How to get started?  First, you will need your own account with Paltalk

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You need to download PalTalk onto your computer.  It’s like Yahoo Messenger.  You can do it on the link above.

The name of the stock market chat room is  StockBarometer Market Chat. There is normally a password to enter the room, but we have turned off that feature for now.

When you enter the room, please identify yourself to Mark and enjoy one of the best live stock market chat rooms out there!