Hate Losing Money? READ THIS!


Would you like a trading system that doubles, even triples your portfolio each year… and… would you like to do it with minimal losses?

I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine.

His name is Mark McMillan.

Over the last three years, he has systematically traded the major indices (DIA, QQQ and SPY)…and doubled, even tripled his returns.

There’s something else about Mark you need to know. He hates losing money.

Who is Mark McMillan

And Why You Should

Pay Attention To Him

Mark’s been a long-time subscriber to the Stock Barometer. He didn’t show up on my radar until I started chatting with him over e-mail a few years back.

When I realized what he’d figured out about market behavior and reversals… I started harassing him to write for me.

Here’s the deal with Mark. He’s a history and economics major who got into software engineering, technology marketing and all sorts of diverse knowledge. At heart, he’s a problem solver.

So in 2000, he decided he wanted to figure out how to practically never lose money in the market. To him, the pain of losing money outweighs the pleasure of making money any day.

After years of agony, heavy research and insane calculations… Mark’s discovered exactly how to tell when a market is trending, trading and… when reversals are about to occur.

In 2007, he started putting it all to the test and writing The McMillan Portfolio.

What Happened Next May Astonish You

Here are the results of what happened when he started implementing his system:

3 Years Ago

• DIA – 111.10%
• SPY – 123.20%
• QQQQ – 194.40%

2 Years Ago

• DIA – 234.54%
• SPY – 277.63%
• QQQQ – 201.81%

Last Year

• DIA – 114.39%
• SPY – 125.77%
• QQQ – 103.18%

That’s Just One Half Of It

Mark’s use of behavioral economics in trading the major indices is only one half of what you’ll get when you subscribe to The McMillan Portfolio.

Mark is also a reversal specialist who discovers undervalued stocks as they’re just about to make a turnaround. He’s got five positions in that portfolio right now at and he’s about to reveal more.

Let me share some figures with you…

  • Undervalue Play #1 – Mark entered this stock at $20 after it plunged from a lofty $77.61 high just mere months before. Today, Mark is sitting on 121.5% profits.


  • Undervalue Play #2 – This stock had lost 72% of its value in five months. Mark courageously enters this stock at $12.50 and now sits on a 148.2% profit.


  • Undervalue Play #3 – This one is good. 80% of its value decimated from September of 2008 to February of 2009. Mark’s entry at $6 that month rewards him with a 318.5% profit today.


  • Undervalue Play #4 – Mark pulls an absolute miracle here. His entry at $4.25 for this stock was twenty-four cents off from it’s lowest low. Incidentally, this position is a 349.9% profit as of today.

OK. It’s unfair to show you the positive without the negative. As I said many times before, Mark hates losing. He usually gets out of losing trades extremely quick. But he is holding on to one particular trade right now you should be aware of.

  • Undervalue Play #5 – He’s held this one since November of 2008. It’s sitting at a minor loss right now. A whopping 1.4% loss. I hope that doesn’t scare you off.
I think you’ll agree with me, The McMillan Portfolio is worth giving a try, at least. I would like to offer you 28 days nearly free. A trial subscription is only $4.95. After that, it’s $18.95 each month until you cancel.

Mark Can Help You

Double, Even Triple

Your Account This Year

You’ve seen the performance numbers above. Mark HATES losing. And using his conservative trading strategy for the major indices (QQQ, SPY & DIA), he has helped his subscribers double their account every year since 2007. In the most volatile year of 2008, he nearly quadrupled his SPY trades… closing the year at a 277.63% return.

Mark is the only professional trader I know of on earth who’s figured out when the market is trending or trading. He tells you what each of the major indices are doing every, single trading day.

If you trade the major index ETFs as he exactly prescribes, you’d get the same results he delivers.

Not only that…

What would it be worth to you… to know exactly if the market is bullish, bearing, trending or trading? How many trades did you get whipsawed out of this year? How many reversals did you miss?

Do you punish yourself by back dating trades you “could’ve” made? STOP. Seriously. With Mark’s daily market prognosis, you’ll know if it’s safe or dangerous to bet on those more speculative trades you got on the side.

Listen. Mark’s advisory is worth much more than the $18.95/month we charge. But because we believe in its value, we are offering you a trial 28 days for only $4.95.

If you are not blown away at how accurate Mark’s calls are over the next 30 days, cancel. No questions asked, no hassles, no harm done. You will have spent less than a Venti at Starbucks.

Get your trial 28 days of The McMillan Portfolio now…

But wait, I’d like to throw in a bonus from myself…

I’ll do everything I can to promote Mark’s service here. So here’s what I’ll include in your subscription to The McMillan Portfolio today…

Mark’s Stock Market Chat Room (Value $24.95/Month): Every Trading Day – from 9 A.M. Eastern to 4 pm, I Mark hops in to our online chat room for an hour and talk to whoever is there about trading methodologies, psychology, money management and trades to look out for on Monday morning.

It gets hot and heavy in there. Subscribers just love the energy and exchange of high value education. Will you join us?

If You Hate Losing Money,

And Want An Index Trading System

That Has At Least Doubled Every Year

For The Last Three Years…

You Need The McMillan Portfolio

Mark is on track to beating the DJI, SPX and NASD-100 again this year already. In his value portfolio, he is sitting on 187.3% of profits from trades he entered a year or so ago. He’s about to call the tops on three other major indices.  Simply one of the best ETF portfolios out there.

Find out what they are so you can profit from them.  Subscribe to The McMillan Portfolio today.


Carl Adams

P.S. Did you hear about Goldman Sachs last week? Mark’s got some interesting insights that could make you a lot of money.