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Here is our TOP 100 Covered Calls for the S&P 500.

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Top 100 Covered Calls on the Nasdaq 100


Crash Alert:

I don’t use the ADX line much in individual trades but I do use it often for predicting market corrections and crashes. When the ADX line (the black line below) falls below both the directional lines (green and red), it implies that an upward trend has come to an end. A red directional line spiking also shows a potential market correction or crash. Look at how the line acted in August and compare it to today:




I am not outright predicting a crash, but I do want you to be forewarned. A bear market might be on the way. Review our bear market portfolio below and ensure you are holding onto all the positions that mesh with your trading strategy:


Our Bear Market Portfolio:


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Good morning Traders,
Back in 2005, Mark McMillan joined us writing an ETF Trading Service.  The service comes with access to his personal chat room.  For the past two years, we’ve closed the service to new subscribers, but as he approaches his 10 year anniversary with us this June, we’re opening it back up to let new subscribers in.  One of the reasons is that we see a significant correction developing in the markets – and we want to make our most experienced advisors available to you to help you through it.  This condition doesn’t happen all that often in history, and I’ll walk through it below. 
So what do we see?
Dow 1929 - Subscribe Now
In this first chart, we see a LPPL Curve of the DOW JONES approaching the 1929 top.   This Log Periodic Power Law curve is a formulation that fits when you get a series of higher highs and higher lows and cycles and depth diminishing in time. 
Here’s the DOW JONES approaching the 2008 top:
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This pattern repeats again in the DOW approaching the 2008 top.  It’s repeated before most crashes and bubbles going back to the beginning of markets. 
So what does it mean for us?
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The above chart shows the rapid climb in the USD index.  But it also shows the QQQs (Nasdaq 100) since the 2009 stock market bottom.  And you guessed it, a perfect LPPL structure.  This doesn’t bode well for financial markets.  But the question is always WHEN will the bubble burst?
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We’re always looking for signs of things breaking down in the economy.  With Jobs, they’re always bullish at a top.  As a divergence develops, it can lead or confirm a bearish move in the markets.
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Above we see a component of sentiment in the market – and an uptick in uncertainty.  This condition normally exists before corrections.  Corrections come about because Imitation is a big driver in the market.  We’ll have more on that later…
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And our last chart above shows the ECRI data – the uptick is bullish for the markets and part of our mid term call for a final thrust higher into April/May and then for things to get ugly…
Since 2005, Mark McMillan has been writing a daily article on the financial markets.  That type of experience is hard to come by.  Not only to see market turns over the past decade plus, but to advise traders how to position (or not to) through the move. 
And access to his personal chat room where you can hear him talk and address issues intra day – makes this opportunity that much better!
And we’ll throw in a 52-page presentation on Bubbles that will blow your mind and help you understand what to expect when this market collapses.
All for only $1.  
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Carl Adams, Publisher
PS – Again, this is a limited time offer, so subscribe today and join Mark’s subscribers in the chat room during the trading day.  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP  and don’t forget to USE DISCOUNT CODE TMP1 when signing up.

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Check Out Our Hot Pick Of The Week
4/6/2014 4:42:07 PM
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Hello Traders,

The weather is warming and so are the markets. There is one trade this week. We are selling out of (ONP) Orient Paper Inc and buying into (BORN) China New Borun Corp.

Reminder On How To Use The System:

1 Buy 5 positions on Monday’s Open.

2 Hold them through the weekend.

3 We have applied a money management system to the portfolio to prevent large losses using stops, so wait for the weekend email before doing anything.

4 Once the new email comes, make the necessary trades.

This system is an easy to follow stock portfolio plan. It was built for large gains and limited losses using a money management overlay.

Here are the Stocks for the week March 24th-March 28th

(GURE) Gulf Resources Inc

(AMCF) Andatee China Marine Fuel Services Corp

(APT) Alpha Pro Tech Ltd

(BORN) China New Borun Corp

(HIHO) Highway Holdingts

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Our Hot Pick for this week is (BORN) China New Borun Corp. This beverage company has a most recent year over year quarterly earnings growth was 30.7.8%. It has a 6.02 trailing P/E with a current 0.23 Price/Sales and 0.32 Price/Book ratios.

Value Momentum Profits

The company’s stock has been above both its 50 & 200 Day Moving Averages since February 14h. It just recently had a small making it a great buying opportunity.

Happy Trading,

David Cohne